The Cause

Worldwide there are a billion people who are malnourished each day.  It is not because we can't grow enough food to feed them; it is because they cannot afford to access enough food to live a healthy and productive life.  The US is the world's most efficient food producer, but 60% of American grain is fed to animals or made into fuel.  Beef and chicken along with greenhouse gas emissions, point source water pollution, soil degradation, and a billion starving people are the outcome of this investment.

Through global development projects in impoverished communities and domestic youth education efforts, Island Creek Oysters Foundation promotes aquaculture as a crucial mitigator of this problem.  Certain types of fin and shellfish farming provide an incredibly efficient means of alternative protein production that requires extremely low input of feed and fossil fuel, creates jobs and food where they are most needed, and in many cases represents a net benefit to the environment where they take place--all this while reducing the pressure on embattled wild fisheries.


Give a man a fish...